Swing again.

Above the world.


Swing again


6 thoughts on “Swing again.

  1. bijansabet says:




  2. karen says:

    When I saw these two recent photos, I am reminded of several “swing” images you have shared over the last few years. They would make a great chronological series….from color to black and white to color to black and white…..from back to forth…..from child to child. It is a sweet way to paint how your children are growing up. 🙂 I love the photos. I admire the photography.

    • Thank you Karen. I was thinking about the other “Swing” images, and about the unrelenting march of time. I get a little sad when I let my mind wander in that direction; it’s one of the reasons I rarely go back to view my old photographs.

  3. I love this. The only nitpick I have is that the sky isn’t dark enough. But the perfect shot – the Holy Grail – is somewhere in the future, and we will take it when we least expect it.

    • Thanks. The sky has been blown to oblivion because the most important element (our fair subject) was in the shade when this was taken. Yet, where you find a nitpick, I find immense satisfaction in the simple – almost abstract – image that emerges from the loss of background detail. It’s like a visual haiku.

      Perhaps no one ever reaches the so-called Holy Grail, but occasionally – as in this case – I can genuinely say it is possible for me to find my personal photographic Nirvana.

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