The M9 is like a box of chocolates.

Box of Chocolate - M9 - Prosophos

The M9 is slow, and its LCD has Atari-like resolution.

This makes for an extremely unpredictable shooting experience.

Or, to paraphrase Forrest Gump:

The M9 is like a box of chocolates — you never know what you’re gonna get… but it will be better than what you would have gotten with an M240.



9 thoughts on “The M9 is like a box of chocolates.

  1. Thanks for the Sunday evening laugh Peter. I too enjoy my CCD camera and find myself in a dillema. I need to send my M-E in for a sensor checkup as I have a couple bad pixels/columns that have been needing fixed for some time. I’ve delayed sending it in as I just don’t want to be without my camera.

    I’m aware I may be offered an upgrade to either the M240 or MP for around US$ 3,500 or 3,750. I explained the situation to my wife and she demanded that I not part with my M-E but maybe look at a used M-9/M-E while mine is off for repair. (In my explanation to her I mentioned that my camera could be away for some time…)

    I was surprised at her idea as I hadn’t seriously thought about a used M-9/M-E but then the wheels began to turn. My only real desire for my M-E is the occasional low light situation where I’d like to have a bit higher ISO capability. Most of my higher ISO work is processed as B&W. Now I’m thinking a used Monochrom would fit that challenge perfectly and now I just have to find one that is great condition.

    • Laugh, what laugh? 😉

      Sorry to hear about the bad pixels on your camera Duane. Your (updated) plan sounds good, if you can live with the uncertainty of the corrosion issue striking you. As you probably know, I currently have an M9P and Monochrom, and they are treating me well…. so far.

      What Leica really needs to do is fix the corrosion defect. Then, take the fixed sensor and stick it into an M240-style body and voila!… instant success.

  2. Tony Osborne says:

    Hello Duane

    Sorry to read that you have been attacked by electronic rot. Perhaps I should just say a little about what little I know about Monochroms.

    In January of this year I bought a previously-owned Leica Monchrom from Red Dot Cameras, London, UK and I am delighted with it. As I did not wait for the Typ 246 announcement I probably paid more than if I had waited a little.

    While I was in the shop I chatted to another customer and understood that Monochroms tend to not have many miles on the clock because when you need to shoot a lot of photos most people choose colour.

    I realise we are all different in our needs so I will just say that the above comment applies in my case. If this is the case then a Monochrom in good condition should be fairly easy to find however the price could be another matter. Mine is Mint and is just as if I had it from new.

    • Thanks Tony that’s what I’m seeing too in some of the eBay offerings. The Monochrom would mostly be used to shoot musicians indoors but I’m sure once I have it in my hands the opportunities will be up to me to find.

  3. yes and that is why i just traded my M240 for a Hasselblad and and M9. i did really miss it and i am really looking forward to shoot with both of these old cameras 🙂

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