Rolling Stone.

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Rolling Stone


11 thoughts on “Rolling Stone.

  1. Luiz Paulo says:


  2. A.Hackauf says:

    Awesome!This should become a big poster?.. 🙂

  3. Very, very, well done. One of your best, I think. And with the 35!

  4. Very nice picture. It’s family that counts!

    Selling a 2015 Prosophos Calendar? Good idea. Guess it would sell well and help sponsor the website.

  5. Karen says:

    Stunning portrait, Peter. Happy Mother’s Day to your wife and family.

  6. Pedro Santos says:

    Envy! Not of you, of HIM!! Seriously, this is what photography is about, transforming moments into memories, and you’re very good doing that. Your kids are lucky as they’ll have plenty of memories from their childhood, congratulations from father to father.

  7. Luiz, Jason, Andreas, Karim, Roel, Karen, and Pedro, thank you so much for your wonderful sentiments.

    I wish all of you a Happy Mother’s Day. We are getting ready to go out for a nephew’s birthday party, so the celebrations will be ongoing, well into the evening. The kids will be playing all day, which means all of us parents will be exhausted tonight!

  8. Bo says:

    I LOVE THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

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