Leica officially killed off CCD yesterday.

Leica officially killed off CCD, with the introduction of the Leica Monochrom (Type 246) yesterday.

Unfortunately, this was entirely expected.

Consequently, we have lost something special.  The 90% of photographers who cannot tell the difference between M9 vs. M240 files, but who value the me-too features of CaNikoSony will no doubt be rejoicing right about now.

For the rest of us:  CCD is dead – long live CCD!



7 thoughts on “Leica officially killed off CCD yesterday.

  1. Dave (D&A) says:

    Hi Peter,

    I completely disagree with your assessment. Like yourself and many others, I favor the output at lower ISO’s of the M9 vs. the M240. Although I think it will be a long time before Leica considers a CCD based camera, if ever, it will of course be based on both demand and whether a compeleing CCD based camera can be developed. The part I don’t agree with is that this new M246 monochrom killed off CCD. I don’t think coming up with a B&W varient of the M240 has anything to do one way or another with a possible future CCD Leica. Strictly two different paths entirely for Leica and a monochrom based on the 240 was a natural evolution of the M240, utilizing much of the existing M240 as a basis for this new monochrom. Thats how I see it.

  2. Andrew says:

    While the M-E isn’t officially discontinued yet, it will inevitably followed.

  3. Mike Leng says:

    Peter, maybe it’s time to move on, put your energy in to something else .
    Your personal posts are always interesting though .
    I’ve recently purchased a Voightlander 35mm 1.2 and a 50mm 1.1 to go
    With my M9P what a combination, wide open and stopped down there terrific .
    The M9P will always be in my bag, long live the CCD sensor

  4. Sad to see that Leica has sacrified CCD beauty for just money reasons. At least hope they provide repair support for us at the same level as always. Long life to CCD!

  5. andygemmell says:

    😦 It probably means though that the MM prices will come down in the second hand market though :-)….

    I recently read an article with accompanying images. From memory it was the link SH had to Red Dot forum. Very nice photos. Too hard to say how much difference there was between CCD and CMOS (DR an tonal pallet strong in those images) though lets just say they carried a nice gloss across the top of them! I wasn’t as convinced as the author that it put out images with more contrast and pop than the MM CCD. Micro-contrast seemed to be light on vs the MM.

    It is (CCD) officially gone now Peter. I’m moving on alas and if it was that I am re-united (one day!) with the MM then it’ll be the CMOS at a guess….

  6. Andrew says:

    I’ve been a very happy M Monochrom owner for the past two years, and last week’s announcement has done absolutely nothing to curb my enthusiasm for the camera I already own. I knew a new Monochrom was on the way, and I sense that the M-E is not long for this world. With that in mind, I just bought a brand-new M-E two-weeks-ago and now have the perfect color backup to my Monochromatic masterpiece.

    I’ll probably move to CMOS eventually, in 3 to 6 years perhaps, but for the foreseeable future I plan on enjoying my two CCD Leica M cameras, and if they continue to serve me well years down the line, I’ll possibly just continue to enjoy them.

  7. Adam Spencer says:

    Leica did not have to do much to change the M240 to B&W, when its replacement comes, there be able to prolong the use and financial return on their tooling with the MM. The Belgium producer does not make a CCD sensor, the original US provider, now in new hands two times over does. Second hand price of 240 is low, GBP3000 from a trader, GBP3500 from Leica dealers. M9P GBP2700. If you want a CMOS then you’d buy A7 or A9 or Nikon. An updated CCD would produce a superior picture, Leica needs to differentiate itself it needs something better then the rest. Being a RR is not enough, we can only hope.

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