The Boys of Summer, Part 3.

Pure joy.

The Boys of Summer, Part 3

4 thoughts on “The Boys of Summer, Part 3.

  1. Hilmar says:

    Peter, this photo is excellent. I like the interaction taking place between the two guys. They are close together but there is still enough headroom. Tones are nice and balanced, too.

  2. andygemmell says:

    A wonderful portrait Peter.

    I used the A7s the other day (rented) for a wedding (I was a guest). Curious to try this camera….but now no longer curious. Nice camera but the tactile experience was just a bit too stilted for my liking. Nice rendering though.

    I could only get their (camera store) Sony Zeiss 24-70 f4 lense to use and it was an evening wedding.

    Nothing substitutes for fast glass. Even with this camera.

    Shooting between 25,000 and 56,000 ISO, 1/60th (did not want to slow any more due to movement) and open at f4…..still far too much noise for my liking….had no choice really with this lens and the lighting re ISO.

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