Only Scars.

“The sun so bright it leaves no shadows, only scars…”

—U2, One Tree Hill.

Only Scars 1

Only Scars 2

Only Scars 3


4 thoughts on “Only Scars.

  1. mewanchuk says:

    I think I said this last time, but: BEST SONG EVAR.

    …and a really nice series here Peter.


  2. I love the second two. The perspective in #2 is wonderful. This scene, if captured by some other photographers, would be taken with sloppy framing, leaving distracting details around the periphery.

    • Thank you Karim. That second image… I only had one chance to get the shot. I wasn’t sure I had gotten THE shot, but what you see is what I got, following an 8 x 10 crop. And yes, the preceding sentence rhymes.

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