Blue Eyes.

Blue Eyes


10 thoughts on “Blue Eyes.

  1. mewanchuk says:

    Yes, well…that about says it all, doesn’t it?


    A beautiful portrait Peter.

    (I’d like to see a larger version behind the click-through though!)


    • Thanks Mark.

      You’re the second person that’s commented on image size. I’m wondering if the size presented has changed on the site? I’m posting them as I always have. Or perhaps people now want to see them larger than that, but this is the maximum size I’m willing to share online. Please confirm, and thanks again.

  2. A. Hackauf says:

    ” Blue eyes laughing in the sun
    Laughing in the rain
    Baby’s got blue eyes
    And I am home, and I am home again..” …..Elton John

    Peter, you are a “Colour-master”: the brown hairs reflect in the brown wood, the blue eyes in the clothes and both colours reflect in the pane.. do you have a M9 P now? Peter, you remind me to a fish: he can spring out of the water, but could never live without water- the same with you and Leica, isn´t it so? 🙂

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