Evening Repose.

One of the initial test images with my newly acquired Leica M3.


Evening Repose


12 thoughts on “Evening Repose.

  1. bijansabet says:

    Wonderful photograph Peter. Happy to see you shooting film again I must say.



  2. Very nice photograph Peter. Trully nothing compares to film. Have an m3 too :))

  3. Film or no film, M3 or iPhone, I love this shot. You’ve captured the subjects at a moment where several subtle gestures have coincided just so.

    But yes, I am glad to see people shooting film more, because I think it’s lovely stuff. The more that people use it, the more that others will follow. IMHO a darkroom enlargement is a ‘real’ photo. It’s hand made. A digital print is certainly technically excellent. But it is not a special thing.

    FWIW there are some jobs where you would be nuts not to use film. Barack Obama’s photographer takes about 1,000 shots per day. Per day. I mean, it works – after all, there is an editor whose job it is to sort through all the photos. I have taken over 1,000 in a day for special events – a wedding here, a party there, a performance here… But every day? Hypothetically, if you’re using a film camera, you’re more likely to ease off on the frame count.

    And if anyone disagrees with me – I respect that, too!

    • Thanks Karim. At this point in my photographic path I’m shooting for me, not for numbers, so film it is.

      The world has made it more difficult to be a film photographer, without a doubt, but the allure is still there for me, so I persist.

  4. Dominic says:

    Happy to see you shooting film again Peter. I still shoot more film then digital even though I picked up an M9 6 months ago.

  5. karen says:

    Wonderful. Love (especially) the tender hands.

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