Trapped inside.


The prison in my mind, realized outside.

At about this time of year my thoughts turn towards throwing my equipment out the window.


Trapped inside

6 thoughts on “Trapped inside.

  1. photomatrix1000 says:

    But, Peter, I have seen many beautiful images taken in your house and while you and the family are playing with the snow… It is all part of the cycle, stay strong and creative.

  2. A.Hackauf says:

    These hard times are like humus for our dreams/longing..and when it comes true it is the first warm sunbeams of the dawn of spring! I hope for you and your familiy you have enough vitamin D capsules…! 🙂

  3. That’s a rather lovely picture, despite your environmental limitations – a lot of folks wouldn’t be able to pull off something so simple (the fact that the photo is simple does not take away from the photographer!).

    I wonder, looking at themed threads and portfolios, how come some people just cannot take a decent photo to save their lives, despite being quite passionate about their art. The basics of photography are very basic indeed and account for at least 50% of what makes good photography.

    Being technically minded, the first thing I noticed about this photo, after the composition, was the colour banding, probably caused by the flywire. Maybe a low-pass filter does have its place, just now and then.

    BTW, are you into still-life or dioramas? I mean, heck, there are so many things that would photograph well, and can be done indoors. Like, right in front of me now is a box of brass screws which I intend to photograph (real soon now…). Get the right light and they’ll look luscious. I also intend to practice photographing jewellery and similar objects. I wonder if that sort of thing inspires you at all.

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