Just your typical Sunday afternoon in Toronto (in February).

This shot required the removal of my gloves… and I paid for it (I was not made for Canadian winters).

But it was worth it.




5 thoughts on “Tobogganing.

  1. mewanchuk says:

    I like the tones, contrast, and motion of this one.

    We now formally challenge your family to a toboggan duel–which is comprised of I’m not sure what. But we will win. Because tobogganing is not just something we do SOME of the time…For us, it is a way of LIFE.

    Consider the proverbial mittens…OFF.


    • You’re on!

      How to go about the duel? Easy, follow our homeland customs:

      We shall place a wager on this, using our children as collateral.

      Then we will meet halfway between Edmonton and Toronto in the cultural Mecca of Winnipeg and build a great pavilion using whale ribs and jaw bones wrapped in caribou skin. Adjacent to the pavilion we will fashion a towering hill using freshly excavated tundra and wait for a punishing snowfall.

      Then, and only then, we will toboggan until there is only one man (or woman) left standing next to the driftwood.

      I anxiously await your acceptance of the terms.

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