So a funny thing happened to me…

… when I started a thread about  My Open Letter to Leica in the Leica User Forum.

And yes, I violated Rule #8 of My Photography Truths again.

On a related note, let’s re-visit this previous post (just for fun).



19 thoughts on “So a funny thing happened to me…

  1. I hear you Peter. In the past two weeks I’ve been weening myself off FacePlant and the camera forums. And I’m not surprised that I haven’t missed anything!

  2. Mattias says:

    Well, unfortunately a lot of people on the fora have more time than grace. I’d say that if this break of no8 gives you some more signatures it’s still worth it. Now, forget all about the fora including Leica Forum, and get on making those great images.

    • Thanks Mattias. In truth, I don’t have the same opportunities to photograph in the winter, hence my venture into LUF. Goodness though, if I had to keep responding to such threads, I wouldn’t have time for anything.

  3. David says:

    You just need to learn to post process apparently, well, amongst other things too I see….Too funny. I have generally found that forums are, at the expense of anything worthwhile, a place to argue and posture but little else.

    That place in particular is psychoville and all the worlds best (sic) are there and fighting it out to be mayor. Entertaining as that is at times I have always left worse off and more agitated than when I arrived. It’s quite toxic and you end up being pulled into their sad little world, it’s like a car crash you can’t help but stop to look at when you shouldn’t. Anytime I have mentioned the forum to Leica Customer Care they just wince.

    Best to stay away, it’s just a distracting mirage. It sucks you in and leaves you dry and at expense of time and sanity. There are other places on the internet that can creatively nourish.

  4. photomatrix1000 says:

    And do not forget to go further than 200 yards from your house as well Peter. There is a big world out there for you to explore! 🙂

  5. Pi says:

    Terrific marketing and branding by Leica though, it just pulls you in to their world.

  6. jkjod says:

    The only people I get to talk about camera gear in person are my Dad and my brother – who each know less than I do (which is extremely little, or nothing). It is really a shame as I feel there is a wealth of knowledge that could/can be shared to people like me who have little access to somebody with more experience. I suppose I have been lucky and have only had pleasant interactions, albeit not on LUF, and consider some of the forums a great resource. When I get honest opinions and feedback I think it is worth it, but I never have really understood the point of being so rude or crass as the responders in the thread you listed. To immediately jump to the conclusion that you must have no idea what you are doing seems rather silly and demeaning.

  7. Luiz Paulo says:

    400 signatures seems a huge number. Don’t understand the statement “only 400 would get it” — of course those who signed Peter’s letter will, however what this number represents in the real world? How many are unaware of his letter? or how many silently agree? I guess a lot.

    Adding… there are some threads in that forum saying “coming back to M9”. Never read about “back to Canon 5D MKI after trying the MKII”. Also… don’t understand “tweaking in post production to look like an M9 file” — If one says “to look like a hasselblad” or any other brand would fair — not if the same brand — and worst this is doable? Those who went back to the M9 obviously say “no” — and I guess they are more than 400…

    • I know. But try explaining that to some of them… it’s simply not worth the effort (as I wrote in that thread).

      The thing is, some of them think I am against a contradictory view, when instead I am against bad manners.


    You have to love some people, don’t you? A few of them would make great Brownshirts. They just assume things – no questions, just assumptions. You’re a camera fondler; a newbie who hasn’t taken a photo >200 yards from your house; you can’t handle change; you haven’t tried PP; ISO 800 would cause the CCD to “fall apart”; someone wants to sell a LR profile for 100 Euro(!!!); all the awards go to CMOS cameras; etc. Gosh.

    Instead of pontificating as to why something cannot be, it’s better to allow a case where it could be. “Why not?” is better than “why?”, as a rule of thumb.

    Some folks don’t realize that Truesense (whatever it is now) actually does develop CCDs. I can’t blame them, but the assumption seems to be that CCDs stopped being developed in 2009.

    I think the problem with the files that Marc H. provided is that they have no people (i.e. skin) in them. This is the most important distinction between film and digital, and, presumably, between CCD and CMOS. Even cheap colour negative film renders skin beautifully (and yes, I am talking about real-world examples, not mere theory).

    I don’t have the resources to do this, but get a model, an M9 and an M240, and do some controlled shots in varying lighting conditions. That would be interesting for open-minded people such as I am – could we tell the difference? I would swear that sometimes I can, but it could just be the light or the lens or whatever.

    • The LR profile for 100 Euro, yeah, that was just special.. I resisted saying anything but I couldn’t believe what I had read.

      I agree with the “no skin” examples not being as effective as portrait comparisons. I’ve done those comparisons for my own purposes.

  9. sanecinema says:

    I just want to be,
    better at photography.
    More images, less froth.
    I hope we’ll all get there.

  10. In all honesty, i very much dislike the Leica forum and their a…kissing followers.
    i love shooting with Leica, but that community is the worst of the internet, following their
    Viking leader.

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