Snow Bunny.

I’m quickly learning how to process Sigma DP3 Merrill files.

For example, I’m constantly resisting the temptation to apply sharpening, since the images have an abundance of sharpness and micro-contrast (two qualities that are not necessarily flattering for portraits).

Yet, this particular image proves one thing:  it is possible to post-process DP3 files to produce a sharp and smooth portrait.

Oh, and the tonality possible with the Foveon sensor… wow.


Snow Bunny

Sigma DP3 Merrrill:  1/15 sec (hand-held, but braced), f/2.8, ISO 200.


8 thoughts on “Snow Bunny.

  1. Pedro Santos says:

    Oh Peter, I know this feeling about the Foveon sensor, I felt under its spell in the DP2 flavour!
    Someone defined these DPs as medium format cameras in pocket size edition and the quality of the files when one gets the right light is amazing, really special, don’t you think?

  2. James says:

    How are you getting on with the foveon color?
    I loved the DP2 Merrill but could never get the color right so eventually sold it out of frustration. I could never get rid of the weird cast. :/
    Keep thinking of getting one again for B&W only…

  3. karen says:

    Lovely. And thank you, as always, for sharing your accomplishments, adventures, and knowledge. Your website is a fountain of encouragement and learning…..and a feast of art, too.

  4. Wonderful natural portrait Peter. Love the catch light in her eyes.

  5. Henry Turner says:

    A really nice shot, Peter. Are my eyes playing tricks or is it my iPad — her skin tone appears to have a greenish tinge. Probably my old eyes. Amazing sharpness at 1/15th!

  6. Alex M says:

    I loved image quality of DP2, but was annoyed with some other things and ended up selling it. Yet I am now again thinking about buying DP2 Merrill. There’s something special about that Foveon sensor… 🙂
    Could you pls. confirm that the battery only last for about 30-40 shots in raw format?

    PS. Skin tone on your lovely image appears to be a bit greenish on my screen, too…

  7. Thanks for the comments re: colour. As for battery life, I have no idea — I’ve only had the camera for a week, and used it three times for a limited amount of shots.

  8. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this Peter but apparently when it comes to sharpening in Sigma Photo Pro zero does not mean zero. The general consensus, backed up by a statement from Sigma (that I can’t find right now) is that the sharpening slider should be moved well into the negative if you really want zero sharpening or want to sharpen in another program such as Lightroom.

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