Sigma Love-Apalooza on Planet Earth.

This is an example of the image output from the original Sigma DP series camera, the DP1:

(28mm equiv, F4 lens)


The DP1 was an excruciatingly slow compact camera, but it helped me capture one of my favourite images, Planet Earth:


The camera and software from Sigma were both challenged (and continue to be), so much so that I never purchased any of the subsequent DP offerings.  Still, the image quality from the Fovean sensor has always called out to me, like a Sirens’ song

The Siren that’s been singing the sweetest song over the past 18 months: the DP3.



5 thoughts on “Sigma Love-Apalooza on Planet Earth.

  1. mewanchuk says:

    If the tool inspires you to see and capture images like these, then congratulations.

    These are simply stunning, and among your best.

  2. looks pretty nice Peter. I have never used a Sigma DP cam.

  3. glee says:

    i like your pov and photos. my background is graphic design/printing and my take on sigma’s foveon is more like spot or pantone color printing than bayer sensor like 4 color CMYK process. colors and detail definitions are much clearer and more saturated for richer/deeper colors. you noticed them when view on iPad or retina display where bayer sensor photo tend to look thin and “video-like” compare to foveon photo. i use nikon for work and sigma dp2 quattro w/ ovf for other.

  4. sgoldswo says:

    There is something special about the results from a foveon sensor and you’ve amply demonstrated it with these pictures. I have a bunch of unprocessed landscape RAWs from my DP1 and DP2 Quattro ready to process. The only thing that puts me off is Sigma Photo Pro. A programme (or program) to strike fear into the hearts of photographers everywhere.

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