‘Twas the night before Christmas.

And the children were tracking Santa.

Merry Christmas to All.


'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Technical Commentary:

The sun was quickly setting as this scene was unfolding and the the vestigial rays of light coming in through the window were creating a pink, gold, and red speckled glow on the wall behind our trio of Santa trackers.  The glow of the smartphone screen also helped set the mood.




5 thoughts on “‘Twas the night before Christmas.

  1. Merry Christmas Peter! Enjoy this special day with your family and I wish you the best for the rest of 2014 and of course the new year!

  2. bijansabet says:

    Merry Christmas, Peter. Many best wishes to you and your family.



  3. For whatever reason, your photographs have a magic that I rarely see (Thorsten Overgaard is one of the few, but his style is different to yours; OTOH, sometimes your photos remind me of those by Bill Henson, who is more an artistic photographer than a documentary photographer).

    There are lots of overpaid, over-hyped photographers in the world: some are good, some are okay, some are mediocre, but none can produce magic. Good luck to them, but it seems that magazine editors don’t look for magic anymore. I actually cannot believe how beautiful some of your photos are. I just can’t. How the hell? I’m tempted to use swear words. But here we are.

    Actually I have known of your work for quite a while but I never got around to leaving you a comment.

    Of course it helps to have subjects that lend themselves to nice photos. And I suppose the camera and lenses sort of have something to do with it, as well. Equipment always leaves its little signature, no matter how much some people protest that cameras don’t matter. But those things are peripheral, they are not the core explanation for why I love your work so much. Your mentality, your approach, those things are obviously key.

    BTW I love the layout of this site. It’s so crisp, yet accessible. I love it.

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