The M8… for hockey?

In 2011, I wrote an article called:

The M9… for sports?

In 2012, I wrote a follow-up article called:

The M3… for kids’ sports?

I wrote them because — back then — many DSLR users considered rangefinders too “slow” for photographing action, even though I (along with several others) had been creating images that consistently proved otherwise.

To this day, I prefer rangefinders over DSLRs for photographing sports.

Today, I decided to take my Leica M8 to photograph my daughter’s hockey game.  Of course, given everything I’ve written above, I knew I would get some keepers… provided I could get close enough to the action.

I did.

I’ll be posting a few of the images over the next few days.

I hope you find them of interest.



6 thoughts on “The M8… for hockey?

  1. Kevin says:

    I shot my boys’ hockey games all the time with my M3 and Tri-X. Pushed it to 3200 as I was using the 135/4 Elmar, got plenty of keepers. No problem using a rangefinder for sports…I won’t ever go back to the SLR and a hog of a lens! Can’t wait to see your photos.

  2. Antonio says:

    It depends what you mean by sports. DSLRS with very long lenses are essential in certain fields.

  3. Antonio says:

    Ah OK. I didn’t see that. To be honest I tend to stay away from gear talk…. You can get great images with virtually any camera. Glad you are still enjoying your M8.

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