Birthday Girl.

Technical consideration:

This was photographed at ISO 640 and “pushed” in LR for an effective ISO of 2500.


Birthday Girl


12 thoughts on “Birthday Girl.

  1. Martin Leblanc says:

    Wow! the image quality is just plain fantastic! Which reminds me of andygemmell’s comment of yesterday, with which I have to disagree: It’s not about what you enjoy, but rather about if you believe what you see, or if you rather believe in the technical specifications you read. No matter what DxOMark may say, the ccd Leica sensor produces nicer images than any cmos sensor, and this is a fact. I could go on forever whit a similar subject related to music reproduction, tube amplification and vinyl records vs transistors and cds…

    • andygemmell says:

      Martin I agree with you….the very reason no purchase of the M240 (oh and school fees I now need to provide for 😁). I don’t like what I see. However haptics are the key me personally. You have to enjoy picking up the camera in the first place before we even download the image. Hence its my No 1 consideration. Choose a camera you enjoy picking up and using. The rest will follow.

    • Hi Martin, I’d be lying if I said I’ve never read any of the DXOMark reviews but what little I’ve learned the past two years shooting with my M-E or I should say any camera. It’s the whole camera package that makes or breaks ones shooting experience. So it’s my opinion that relying solely on a review site like DXO is not beneficial.

      From what I understand, Kodak and Leica worked together to produce a sensor to closely mimic the Kodachrome film signature. Of course this image above wouldn’t look this way if it had not been made with Leica glass. It’s that combination of camera/lens and what’s 12″ behind the camera that makes all the difference. I think that’s evident in the photograph above that Peter has made.

      • Martin Leblanc says:

        Hi Duane,

        Thank you for answering. I take this opportunity to say that I’ve been admiring your own rich, vibrant colors and beautiful pictures for some time.

        Best regards.

  2. Peter says:

    Hi Peter
    Masterfully developed.
    What would be your ISO limit if you would want to print at 11.69 x 16.53 inches (A3 format here in Belgium)?
    I never use ISO settings above 640.

  3. A.Hackauf says:

    Wonderful birthmas-atmosphere and wow!!! what an “intense quality”, luscious, so organic..Peter congrats!!! you allround man!!
    LONG LIVE ROCK´N CCD!!!! Peter, you set a high standard in low light!

  4. andygemmell says:

    Lovely image Peter. Really brings out the season which upon us.

  5. andygemmell says:

    P.S. I do realise this was a birthday, just that it coincides with the Christmas tree! As I write this 44 has just struck the body clock in this household.

  6. Thanks for sharing this one Peter. I, too, have found that shooting at 640/800 ISO and then pushing a couple stops works great. It does take a little time in LR but once you’ve shot this way a few times it quite easy to create a preset to start with. I find myself shooting this method when at our local club, The Phoenix, capturing the musicians that play there.

    Beautiful birthday capture Peter with those “rich, saturated CCD colors”!

    • Martin Leblanc says:

      «rich, saturated, organic…». I still shoot only film, and looking at some of your pictures, Peter, I sometimes wonder if the Kodak ccd sensor is not even better. Maybe it could best be described as as rich, but with more dynamic range. Maybe it’s the photographer. Beautiful! Thank you!

  7. minyan says:

    Peter, I understand your love for the CCD sensor. However, I think if you give the M240 another shot, and processed the images different from how your process the M9 files, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results. I find the M240 to have much more accurate colors, more richness and more dynamic range in every single instance. Granted, the M240 files don’t have the intrinsic 3-d quality of the M9, but I think it makes up for it in other areas.

  8. hellerkar says:

    Having a happy birthday is a gift. Photographing a happy birthday is another gift. Sharing encouragement and technical guidance for the rest of us are also gifts. Thank you. I hope it is a happy birthday and then happy holiday season at your home. This is a lovely, light-defying/light-gathering image.

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