Christmas Glow.

Traditional and modern converge for the upcoming holidays.

Christmas Glow


12 thoughts on “Christmas Glow.

  1. Stephan Pot says:

    Beautiful capture Peter.

  2. Henry Turner says:

    That’s really nice, Peter, especially the skin tones. Did you have to do much pp on them? It’s impossible to compare it with a ccd image on my shiny-screened ipad, but are you seeing a marked similarity as you seemed to say in your earlier remaks on the a7s? Mr bah humbug (me) found himself feeling xmassy!

    • Thank you Henry.

      Yes, the files from the A7S and the M9 are very similar. I’m post-processing the A7S files as I would the M9 – perhaps even spending less time. The skin tones are very pleasing, in contrast to the mess I was getting with the M240.

  3. Arlo says:

    I would think there would be very little separating the image IQ of M cameras and Sony using Leica glass, but I also went to a store and played with the demo A7s my conclusion was different.

    1) it just felt so uncomfortable in hand.
    2) that big Sony advertisement in the middle (even the ps4 does not have it)
    3) that screen fully extended it felt like a toy.
    4) yes it feels like a computer.
    5) lastly for me and the decision maker, I would not have the same pride of ownership shooting as I do with the M system

    • Thanks for your input.

      Your conclusion seems to be derived from a consideration of camera ergonomics – a vitally important thing, no doubt – but slightly off topic to the discussion above re: file post-processing.

      As it stands, I too prefer the ergonomics of the M240, but I much prefer the files from the A7S.

      On the other hand, I am pleased with BOTH the ergonomics AND the files from the M8/M9/M-E.

      The sensors found in the M240/A7S/M8/M9/M-E can all have Leica lenses mounted in front of them, but they produce different results. The A7S and M9/M-E behave in a similar fashion, though, at base ISO (and that has been a very pleasant surprise for me, after a long search for an alternative to the M9/M-E), but I’d still give the edge to the M9/M-E at base ISO. Once ISO reaches 1000+, the A7S convincingly pulls ahead.

      I’m just happy to have an alternative to the CCD sensors found in the M8/M9/M-E, in the event that Leica decides to kill their CCD line of rangefinders.

      As for “pride of ownership”, well chacun à son goût as they say. Even the word “Leica” on the M240 wasn’t enough to convince me to keep it (although I tried… twice).

  4. Will says:

    Hi Peter,

    Which do you feels delivers the more pleasing natural image, the Nikon Df or Sony A7s ?


    • It’s close… the Df is the only other current CMOS sensor I’ve liked. I think you couldn’t go wrong with either, so it comes down to individual preferences.

      The Sony wins for me for the simple fact that I can mount M lenses on it, which of course influences the final image.

  5. karen says:

    Glow indeed. Beautiful colors, lovely light, and sweet composition from head to toes. A Prosophos signature image.

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