14 of my favourites from 2014.

It’s time for the annual culling of my images down to only a few that I consider my favourites.

I had to be ruthless this year, given I was determined to list only “14 of 2014”.

On another note, it is striking that although I shot with film only about 5% of the time, 50% of these images were produced with that venerable medium.

It is also humbling to know that I no longer own a film camera.

Lastly, I’m not sure that I learned as much as I did in previous years, photographically speaking.  I believe part of that was secondary to frequent cycling through new gear, but a large part of it was secondary to having a lot less time to photograph.

Unfortunately, my photography time constraints will continue to increase in the new year.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the site.



P.S.  The images below are dedicated to my family who continually inspire me.

My favourite “14 of ’14”















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9 thoughts on “14 of my favourites from 2014.

  1. karen says:

    Peter, I am sorry that you did not learn as much as you wished this past year (it does not seem in the spirit of your posting to do so, but I could articulate a vigorous disagreement based on the work you shared here…..). What I can say, and I hope is in the spirit of your blog, is that you have taught a great deal. Your favorites are well chosen but, of course, omit other “prize winners”. I hope the closing of the year brings you, your family, and pursuits time and joy and happy discovery. Thank you for sharing so much with so many. Surely, Santa has read your letter to Leica…..perhaps he can bring Leica improved CCD or CCD-like sensors. In the meantime, I hope you continue to create images that inspire you and explore and exploit any equipment that makes this possible. I am delighted to make a contribution in recognition of your efforts and as an installment payment towards my accumulated debt of learning and gratitude.. Best regards.

  2. mewanchuk says:


    An intriguing collection of provocative photos!

    (Perhaps not all the ones I would have I chosen from this year’s portfolio…but hey, it’s your party…)


    1. Unfortunately, it is far too early for this sort of this sort of “wrap-up” post; and
    2. You know how I feel about your decision to leave film. Again.

    Congratulations on another great year.


  3. Marilil says:

    Nice to see Barbados on the list again 🙂

  4. Luiz Paulo says:

    Awesome set for this year Peter! 41 would way to much for anyone I guess. However, given this short list I too agree with others stating 2-3 are missing. I’m always impress how you manage to experiment so many gears — that per se is challenging. In my laziness I barely changed lenses this year.

    Hope next year to see 15 more (or 51) 🙂

  5. A.Hackauf says:

    Dear Peter,

    it is time to say “THANK YOU” very much for your motivation and helpful suggestions you´ve been given me through your wonderful blog and a lot of emails. Thank you for your patience and empathy!

    As I said before, life is a “river of transition” and as I am nearing to film I am sad to read that you left film.

    I will trace with marked attention your experiences with the Sony A7s – as far as I know you, this will be a short approach! For me, the images of the A7 are nice, but are not able to hold a candle to those of the unique M9/M-E/M8 (what I have seen so far)! Ok, it is nice “to possess the night”, but ….

    For 2015, I wish to you, that you feel not too much pressured by yourself, your family and even the prosophos-community/fans! ( Your) photography is art and art never tolerates pressure! ….”enery flows where attention goes!”.
    For me I have to play guitar every night as a “craving desire” and it is a pure joy and probably kind of therapy. I catch my M9 whenever I feel for and with this liberty I can say “yes” or “no”! If you are/feel required to give a top performance so often, this can mean for me ( and you) too much pressure. I always like to see your new photos, but I can understand when you “cut back”!

    Best wishes,

  6. Linden says:

    Thank you Peter. As always, the way in which you capture moods and experiences, the affection you show for your precious family in your images, outweighs any considerations for equipment, and continues to stand as an inspiration to this reader.

  7. andygemmell says:

    Well done Peter on another great year. Hope Christmas and 2015 brings lots of laughs, good times and photo opportunities!!

  8. greg g49 says:

    These are all lovely. It is, however, quite interesting to see the images that meant the most to you this year as opposed to a set that might be selected by any of us out here looking in as your “best” or our favorites. Very different metrics surely apply.

    It is though, I confess, just a trifle sad to know you no longer have a film camera. And despite the MF image quality it is not the Mamiyas whose loss touches me, but rather the beautiful little M3… something of an object of art itself. Silly really, irrational even, since none of them were mine, but I’m sorry to know that one’s gone.

  9. I’m appreciative of all the thoughtful comments and support.

    Reading through each comment, I wonder which photos you would have chosen instead. The criteria for picking my “favourites” each year varies. I will say, however, that I had a “short list” of about 30.


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