At the fair.

At the Fair


5 thoughts on “At the fair.

  1. Hilmar says:

    Wow, really, really love the tones.

  2. Victor says:

    Peter – first time comment here. One of the silent consumers of this site’s wonderful content, I guess.

    I see for medium format, you move between the Mamiya RZ67 and 7II. Whats your assessment of the two? Each of them look pretty solid, but does one outweigh the other in certain aspects? Because of your work here, I am thinking of adding a Hasselblad 501CM to my system – just to try out medium format. I have no experience in the area ( will outsource the printing – know a good shop for that?). The 501CM appeals to me because of its 100% mechanical nature. I wonder how it compares to both of the Mamiya’s you use.

    Thanks for sharing your work and family stories with us.

    • Thank you Victor… I’m glad you are no longer “silent”.

      The two Mamiya cameras are very different. One is very large, the other quite portable. One has at least one f/2.8 lens, the other is limited to f/4 (or slower). One focuses very closely, the other has a minimum focus distance of one meter. One is more suitable for portraits, the other for “scenes”.

      The rest… I leave it to you to judge based on the images.

      I hope you continue to comment freely, however.


  3. Sometimes I can’t tell a film shot. But this one, like most, is obvious – in a good way, naturally. It stood out immediately.

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