Test Shot #4 from the first roll of film run through the Mamiya 7II.



7 thoughts on “Windswept.

  1. bijansabet says:


    I have two rolls from my mamiya 7ii about to be sent off to RPL for processing/scans. So excited!


  2. andygemmell says:

    Some much character in film Peter. The power of your image last nice “A Face in the Crowd” is very strong and unique….and because it emits emotions many people were moved enough to comment, and rightly so. This image highlights the difference in the aesthetics of film vs. that M240 file also plays a part in giving this image some wonderful life. The tonal graduations are smoother (granted it’s in flat light) and just so much more organic than last nights image I refer to.

    Not sure what your next move is but enjoy the gear you’ve got, perhaps throw some colour film in there for some experimentation and as I know you will keep on enjoying your photography!

    Lovely portrait btw :-)!

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