Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day!

As an aside, this image represents Test Shot #1 (literally, the first shot from the first roll of film) from my Mamiya 7II.


Mother's Day


12 thoughts on “Mother’s Day.

  1. andygemmell says:

    I’ll be watching these ones very closely Peter! Particularly your crops and thoughts on handling given I won’t be able to use mine for a few weeks yet (had a home visit today out of rehab….picked up my Ikon to take some photos…..incredible how hard on my back it was!!).

    First impressions are f4 will be fine for me (as you mentioned) and given MF and 1m still renders a nice bokeh if looking to use for effect. Will be interesting to see what your thoughts are on optical quality of these RF lenses are over the RZ systems. Apart from DoF I’m assuming they’ll be in a similar “ball park” when it comes to sharpness and resolution. I’m happy at “similar”, if that is the case from what I’ve seen so far:-). Given i shoot stopped down for street scenes will be looking forward to seeing edge to edge outcome. I’ve been spoilt by the 24mm Elmar!!

    I was able to unpack my 7 (not 7ii) and was very pleased with how well it’s been looked after. I purchased it from Japan and I think as a rule the Japanese photographers look after their equipment well from what I’ve read and been told. The lens looks to be in great condition. View finder nice though only tried it in darker room type so just first impression, focusing was very smooth (which for a larger range finder I just had in my mind it was going to a bit stiffer….not sure why i had that logic!!). RF patch a touch smaller than I was expecting but seemed to have nice contrast….same as Ikon but not quite up to MM level. Not something to worry about though…yet!! So ordered a few batteries for it, have Ektar, Portra and Tri X ready to start testing!

    Funny I have not been this excited about a camera for …wow…a year LOL :-)!!

    Happy shooting and hope your wife had, or has, a great day!

    • Andrew, glad to learn you’re recovering (albeit slowly).

      I imagine that you will be quite happy with this camera. And, although I haven’t done head-to-head testing (I don’t plan to) from what I understand the optics surpass even the RZ67. Given I’ve already made 16 x 20 prints from the RZ67 and they look fantastic, well you can surmise the rest…

  2. Michael Sin says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Peter & your Family!

  3. John Gould says:

    Hello Peter. I’ve had a 7 and 7ii three times! The first two on hire the third time I bought one. Kept it for 3 months. Lens quality is front rank. I could not get on with the 150mm, couldn’t focus it reliably. Adored the 43mm, an inspirational piece of glass. Makes you want to experiment. The 65mm also quite superb, the sort of lens I could/would use as standard (I’m a kind of wideangle guy.) The 80 is fab too. I still miss the camera, but in the end I found it slightly plasticky in feel and I was not getting quite what I wanted at that time. Still love the “Leica on steroids” look of it and the wonderful image quality. Did some very memorable landscape in the Malvern hills nr Worcester (England) with TMAX 100. Wonderful enlarging quality, very lovely fine detail. It’s an excellent camera to carry about. Maybe I should get another one? —– Am I feeling the onset of a GAS attack?

    Keep posting, its fun to watch.

    Kind regards and of course have a lovely day

    • Thank you John.

      That 43mm lens, from what I’ve seen, is incrediblel. If I photographed landscapes instead of people, that’s the lens I would have chosen.

      As for the possible onset of GAS… prepare yourself for a major attack 😉


  4. Kevin says:

    Great photo with your new camera! I don’t think there’s a bad lens for the 7ii (except maybe the 210mm). Only bummer is the speed and close focus, although there is a device you can use with the 80mm lens that supposedly helps with that.

    Just curious if you use any color filters with your black and white?

    Looking forward to more!

    • Hi Kevin,

      No, I don’t use filters. The close-up attachment is supposed to be a little awkward (too bad), so I won’t be getting it.

      As for posting more images, stay tuned, I’ll be posting more test shots from my first roll!

  5. Mike says:

    What lens(es) did you end up selecting? I love my M7ii and right now I have the 80mm (which is fantastic) and the 150mm (which I too have trouble focusing). I think I will be using the 150 as more of a stopped down landscape lens as it is next to impossible for me to nail a wide open portrait. The 50mm is definitely next up on my “to buy” list. Enjoy your new camera! I will be checking back for more of your great imagery.

    • Hi Mike,

      I too have the 80/4. At this point, I’ve no plans to get another lens… but who knows…

      I wish I shot more wide-angle imagery, because the 43mm looks to be fantastic. Then again, it seems like they all have a great reputation, so I’m sure you’ll be happy with the 50 if you get it.

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