The Leica M(240) – Ming Thein’s review.

Leica M.

I’m posting this now because I’ve had a number of people email me today asking my opinion of the sample images provided in Ming Thein’s review of the new Leica M (240).  Thus far, I’ve been responding to the questions individually, but given my previous comments about the whole CCD vs. CMOS issue I thought I should at least go on written record on this site.

First of all, full credit should go to Ming for posting (as always) a well-written and polished review.  If you haven’t previously checked out his website, you should.

Now, about the images.

These are the first set of images coming from the M(240) that I actually like.  I don’t know whether early versions of this camera (with early firmware) lacked a certain je ne sais quoi in the files, but either way Leica should take note for future product launches:  call Mr. Thein first to generate your sample image gallery.

Finally, the dynamic range looks to have expanded relative to the M9, making for very “rich” files.  All good stuff.   Still to be sorted out are colour issues and banding (seen in some other reviews) at higher ISO values.

In any case, it looks like things are moving in the right direction.



7 thoughts on “The Leica M(240) – Ming Thein’s review.

  1. Hi Peter, thanks for sharing Ming’s link. I’ve already read his review and Sean Reids “studio” analysis and agree with you that the new M’s files have more DNR than the M9’s CCD. I think Ming had some issues in the past with the M8 or M9, can’t remember which, costing him some work. So far I’ve had no issues with my M-E.

    Let’s hope Leica has fixed these issues from the start with the new M. One of the features that I thought would interest me is the weather sealing. But then when you think about it, what happens to the lens?

    I’m sure those that have been sitting on the fence and maybe had lost some confidence in seeing previous images displayed online, must be excited seeing what Ming has done with the camera prototype.

  2. Luiz Paulo says:

    To be honest the images are interesting but over-processed to my taste — too much sharpen applied. Though the review is very polished as you said.

  3. Andrew says:

    The review is polished and comprehensive. Mingled does a great job here.

    The main outstanding issue ( I think colours will be fine) is seeing rendering with a SOOC file of M9, M and D800e lined up. As Mung mentions he feels they may have found the best of both worlds. However the way Ming produces his photos is driven by PP. You would struggle to know if he had used a D800e, M9, RX100 or OMD or even HB when you view his images on his site. Also I find Ming does not tend to shoot wide open a lot (or his images do not depict this anyway) so would be interesting to see rendering at 1.4, etc

    Anyway great work from him and very promising.

  4. Andrew says:

    Sorry about predictive text…the name Ming was my intention above 🙂

  5. Tphill says:

    Peter, take a look at the M9 photos on Ming’s site for comparison to the 240. I had to go to Leica and then Older Posts to see them. I think thats the only fair way to judge the difference between the two cameras. Will be interested in your thoughts.

  6. […] *Editor’s note: see my previous comments on Ming’s Leica M article. […]

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