The pilgrimage.

↑Leica M9 and Voigtländer 15mm f/4.5 @ f/5.6.


11 thoughts on “The pilgrimage.

  1. Great perspective. How did you capture the rays of the sun like that?

  2. John Parkyn says:

    Hello Peter,

    I am really enjoying this series.

    Re the boy on the bike… To my eyes here appears to be little or no angular distortion, sometimes the curse of a wide lens… Did you post process this shot.?

    I have a 21mm Zeiss lens and I know that a) I shouldn’t tilt the camera and b) should have something or someone in the foreground. What other tips do you have for using ultra wide angle lenses?

    I have heard of M-mount lenses. What is L-mount?


    • Prosophos says:

      Thanks John. Perspective distortion is an inherent feature of all wide angle lenses, but may be avoided by practicing points (1) and (2) you’ve mentioned above. Otherwise, this lens doesn’t exhibit and pin cushion or barrel distortion (or at least, none that I’ve detected in “real” shooting).

      L-mount lenses are the old screw-mount lenses Leica manufactured prior to the introduction of the M-mount. To mount them on an M(-anything) camera, an M-adapter is required (it’s a thin ring that screws onto the lens and then the other side of the ring mounts to an M-body as usual).


  3. Hughf says:

    Cher Peter,
    This is à grand picture ! The choice of point of view works very well here…
    Your composition is as always very neat . Have You tried to process it in B&W.
    BTW, I truly enjoy this photo like that.
    Again congrat for your new purchasse.
    My Best to You and Yours.
    Your friend.


  4. Alex says:

    WOW! J & I are in awe! Amazing shot! Please make a book already, I’ll be the first one in line!

  5. Louis says:

    Amazing photo. It is really talent of you to use wide angle lens like this.
    Question: when you use L-mount with adapter, you use only zone-focusing or rangefinder coupling system? I heard the rangefinder coupling system will not work on it. Is it true?

    • Prosophos says:

      Thanks Louis,

      Yes I zone focus with this L-mount version because it’s not rangefinder coupled (but, being a wide angle lens, it’s actually very easy to do because the depth of field is so deep).

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