Later today…

Later today, I’m posting the answer to yesterday’s post.

If you haven’t already done so, you still have time to attempt a guess.

Even though this exercise is just for the fun of it, I’m really interested in learning the reasoning behind each selection.  As photographers, we are all biased (negatively or positively) when viewing an image — when we are aware of the equipment used — and exercises such as this help us, a little bit, to understand our biases.

As I wrote yesterday, if the roles were reversed I’m not sure I’d be able to correctly identify the lens, especially without the aid of 100% crops.  Still, the image I posted was larger than usual for a typical web image, so it may be possible.



8 thoughts on “Later today…

  1. Jim says:

    Voigtlander 40

  2. John Parkyn says:

    Mmmm! You could be toying with us.. How about none of the above? It’s the Voigt Color Heliar 75/2.5.

    (Actually, I haven’t got a clue.)

  3. Jeroen says:

    This a real though one (and fun ofcourse:-))! I would guess it’s shot with Leica glass and because the DoF in not that ‘thin’, my pick is the 50 cron…

  4. John Parkyn says:

    OK, then it’s definitely the Nokton 40. Assuming you have not cropped, the 35 would be wider and those Summiluxes would be creamier, no? (Still don’t know what I’m talking about.) BTW, what’s the prize?

  5. John Parkyn says:

    Darn, I thought you were tiring of that Summilux 50/1.4!!!

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