Voigtländer 75mm f/2.5 Color Heliar LTM (test crops).

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, this lens is pretty impressive — beginning wide open @ f/2.5.

For my own comparison purposes, I shot this test scene to evaluate central sharpness.

Focus is on the leaves inside the red box:

[Note: these are DNG files converted directly to JPG using Aperture 3, with no sharpening added.]

(please click on the image to view)

↑Leica M9 and Voigtländer 75mm f/2.5 Color Heliar LTM.


Here is the 100% crop of the above @ f/2.5:

(please click on the image to view)

↑Voigtländer 75mm f/2.5 Color Heliar LTM @ f/2.5 (100% crop, no sharpening).


And here is the 100% crop @ f/4:

(please click on the image to view)

↑Voigtländer 75mm f/2.5 Color Heliar LTM @ f/4 (100% crop, no sharpening).

Amazingly sharp, don’t you think?



9 thoughts on “Voigtländer 75mm f/2.5 Color Heliar LTM (test crops).

  1. George says:

    Very interesting! I was tempted by this lens myself a while ago but then decided to save up a bit more and maybe invest in a Summarit – do you still have yours to do a wider-ranging comparison?

  2. John Parkyn says:

    So, Peter, bearing in mind that some people don’t appreciate facial clarity, which do you consider the better portrait lens, the (barely available) Color Heliar or the Summarit?

    I believe that the new Voigtlander 75/1.8, with its soft central rendering, is touted as a portrait lens. Heavier than either the Color Heliar or the Summarit, it is about 40% the cost of a Summarit.

    • Prosophos says:

      Hi John. It really depends on the portrait. For more “forgiving” portraits, I believe I would pick this lens. But, I’m not convinced of that… not sure it has the “magic” to it of some of the lenses I’ve used (including many non-Leica ones). I need more time to get acquainted with it to tell for certain.

      As for the 75/1.8, I don’t have any experience with it and it is a much larger lens (I picked up the Color-Heliar because I was looking for a light-weight and inexpensive travel lens).

  3. […] beginning to see some magic from this Voigtländer 75mm f/2.5 Color Heliar… I may have to revise my opinion that the Leica 75mm Summarit bests […]

    • jparriott says:

      Agree, Peter. Small, light, wonderful. Love this lens. Some CA wide open – but it’s easily corrected and that’s my only complaint. Amazing for portraits. A gem.

  4. […] Building down the block…nothing like a little heavy machinery to light up my son’s eyes!  The lens is another secret gem courtesy of Peter. […]

  5. mikemcfoto says:

    Hi Peter!

    Thanks to you and your posts on the Voigtlander 40mm f/1.4…I bought the 40mm. Which soon led into their 21mm f/4, and now I’m looking for the 75mm f/2.5. 🙂 Are you willing to part with yours? I’d very much like to buy it from you.

    And I’m in the CCD camp.


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