The Leica 50mm Summilux ASPH.

Currently, my favourite lens, for both digital and film.

I’ve previously criticized it as being too perfect, but after years of both embracing and neglecting it, I’m beginning to realize that it’s just perfectly balanced.

To see all of the images I’ve captured with this lens, please see here.



6 thoughts on “The Leica 50mm Summilux ASPH.

  1. Ha! I have a story for you. I am VERY aware that you were a little down on this lens and the ‘too perfect’ feelings you and many other had for the 50 Lux. I remember you talked about preferring the 40 Nokton and you and I discussed a couple of years ago on DPR about how much we both appreciated that lens.

    And I have to say, Peter, I was influenced by all of that as it became apparent that I would likely never get my hands on a 50 ‘Lux of my own. I was okay with maybe never owning this lens because hey, a lot of guys who did own the 50 ‘lux were expressing a certain MEH attitude towards it.

    But… you know… lol… I’ve been watching your blog and DPR and what you post. And I NOTICED over the last year how more and more you’ve been using the 50 ‘Lux and the incredible results you were getting and I thought… ah-hah!

    And I told Bernadette this all weeks before I had the opportunity to actually buy a 50’Lux of my own. I said, hmmm, you know that photographer who takes all those incredible pictures of his gorgeous kids? She was like, yeah? Well he said… and I thought… etc.

    So when the chance popped up to get one I grabbed it and I would have anyway but somewhere there was the working knowledge that you had probably had a change of heart somewhat about this lens.

    It’s amazing. I don’t want anything else. It’s the only lens I’ve ever wanted, meaning what it does, going back to before I even knew it existed. I used to search for Noct-Nikkors because I was a Nikon shooter and that was the holy grail 50 for Nikon cameras.

    I’m glad everyone is finally happy. 😉


    • Prosophos says:

      Ok, Donald, you got me :). I somehow knew that the man who has the “50 ‘Lux” blog was going to jump on this post (in a good way), and… I’m glad you did.

      Thank you for telling me that story… you obviously saw “the light” before I did.

  2. agplatt says:

    “Currently, my favourite lens”

    I like the “currently” in the sentence. I am always surprised how my favorites go in and out of favor. Right now I have a 50 cron on my camera about 75% of the time. Otherwise it’s a 35 lux asph. They’re the only two lenses I have in my bag.

    So why do I keep the other 10 in the cupboard? Perhaps they’re just waiting to come back into favor.

    • Prosophos says:

      Yes, you correctly spotted “currently” as my hedge word :). But it happens to be true, currently the 50/1.4 ASPH is indeed my favourite lens.

      A 50 or a 35 is all anyone ever really needs anyway.

  3. Ruhayat says:

    Hi Peter, I hope it is okay to awaken an old thread. I bought the 75mm Summarit, from seeing online photo samples including yours. I also have the 28mm Elmarit ASPH. Now I’m thinking of selling my 90mm Summicron pre-ASPH to fund a Summilux. Do you think it’s different enough to the 75mm Summarit to make a difference? Or should I keep the Cron and sell the Summarit instead? The thing is, the Summarit is more compact than the Cron and thus makes a better travel companion.

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