Film processing at home: inexpensive.

One of my generous readers, Mark, upon reading Part 1 of my How I process B&W film series, decided to take the dive into home developing.

Even though he is a fellow Canadian, I recommended B&H* in New York as a one-stop shopping place to get all the necessary equipment.

So how much does it actually cost to set-up home developing? 

Mark graciously sent a copy of his bill to me to share with you:


*There is no advertising on this site, so I do derive no financial benefit by providing the link to B&H.

*Note: There is no advertising on this site, so I do not benefioviding the link to B&H… I’m just a very satisfied customer._


Total cost including shipping: under US$135!

These are very exciting times for Mark, and I hope for many of you reading this.

Thank you again Mark, for graciously sharing this information.



8 thoughts on “Film processing at home: inexpensive.

  1. jasonehowe says:

    Mmmm, thats really going to depend on where you live…….I just happen to have the receipt on my desk from my recent purchase of Ilford Rapid Fixer (1ltr), equivalent to US$28.00 from the cheapest place in NZ.

    That aside, it’s fantastic to see people diving in to this with such enthusiasm, good on you Mark.

    Nice work Peter, very worthwhile posts!!



    • Prosophos says:

      Ouch, that is quite a mark up. That’s one of the reasons I recommend B&H, although I suspect the shipping charges to NZ would be a lot higher.

      Thanks Jason, for your appreciation of the posts.

      • Steve says:

        Shipping isn’t actually all too bad from B&H to NZ if you order in bulk – Ended up paying for 50 rolls of tri-x and 15 rolls of plus-x, enough XTOL to make 15 liters and 100 neg sleeves for 700NZD, about half the price of the film cost alone if I bought locally (35 bucks for 25 neg sleeves is akin to theft, and they don’t sell XTOL here at all).

  2. 38jumbo says:

    Great info, great post on B&W, thanks Peter!

  3. Paul says:

    Great article, thanks.

    Worth categorising these items into essential and non-essential items. For example, you could do without: changing bag (cupboard, dark room, etc), cassette opener (a kitchen tin opener works), clips (try bull dog clips from the office stationary cupboard).

    • Prosophos says:

      Thanks Paul! Yes, of course… there are many variations and possibilities. As I’ve written before, I am sharing my own approach, and not “the” approach. I hope, though, for those who have never processed their own film, that my articles serve as helpful resources.

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