Thank you Chris’ Coffee Service!

[Full disclosure:  I haven’t been paid a cent for this endorsement, I’m just a very satisfied customer.]

This is a special thank you post to Chris’ Coffee Service.

(please click on the image to view)

↑Leica M9 and Leica 75mm Summilux @ f/1.4.

That’s my 10 year old Isomac Millennium espresso machine in the above photo (taken yesterday), which was purchased brand new in 2002 from Chris’ Coffee Service.  It just arrived back home, following being masterfully repaired by Tim in Chris’ service department (thanks Tim!).

As most of the viewers of this site know, I live in Toronto, Canada.  However, when I was looking for my first espresso machine many years ago, I kept reading about Chris and his company in the various coffee fora.  It seemed that they had an unblemished reputation for service that had people raving.  So, even though they were located far from home and across the border in the USA, I didn’t hesitate to place my order with them.

Let me tell you that in all of the years I’ve owned this machine, the support provided by Chris’ Coffee Service has been astounding — from the people that answer the phones, to the service department, to Chris himself.  Tim — in particular — in the service department has talked me through basic repairs and maintenance over the phone, which has saved me a great deal of time and money.

The good folks at Chris’ Coffee Service provide all of this service for free, because they understand that a happy customer is a repeat customer.  Ironically, I’ve been prepared on more than one occasion (given the amount of wear-and-tear on my Isomac following daily use for a decade) to purchase a new machine, but every time I’ve dealt with Chris and Tim, they’ve never tried to sell me a new one.  In fact, they’ve repeatedly convinced me to just get my trusty Isomac repaired. 

Can you believe that?

In an age of disposable everything, it’s nice to know that some things — like my Isomac and the service at Chris’ Coffee Service — endure.

Thanks Chris, and a special thank you to Tim… you are the best at what you do!



3 thoughts on “Thank you Chris’ Coffee Service!

  1. […] Courtesy of the recently repaired Isomac Millennium. […]

  2. Tom Eovaldi says:

    I have had the same experiences as you, up to the part about sending your Millenium back for repair, which I am about to do, based in part on your recommendation. I was 99% sure that I should but your comment convinces me. Thanks for posting it.

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