Customized post-processing service (Email).

I’ve just introduced a Customized Post-Processing Service via Email.

If you like the way I digitally post-process my images and would like for me to work on some of yours, please read more about my service here.

Now, I can’t work miracles, but I promise I will try to improve or enhance your images to the best of my ability.





2 thoughts on “Customized post-processing service (Email).

  1. Jason Howe says:

    I’m watching this move to a more commercial site with much interest. You have a very real talent and I’m sure it will be a success!!

    • Prosophos says:

      I appreciate the confidence and kindness Jason.

      By the way, thank you for being the first Facebook member to “like” Prosophos… I just created the account yesterday!

      This site, the images in it… it’s always been a labour of love. As for what’s to come – we’ll see… I’ll be just as surprised as anybody else.

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