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Birthday Girl.

Technical consideration:

This was photographed at ISO 640 and “pushed” in LR for an effective ISO of 2500.


Birthday Girl

At the Santa Claus Parade (the kids strike a pose).

Every so often, I ask them to smile for the camera.

They have been kind to me so far, probably because I don’t bother them the rest of the time.

(oh yeah, and also because they’re great kids)


At the Santa Claus Parade (the kids strike a pose)

Chalk Messages for Santa, closer.

Photographically speaking, I live for these moments:

The out-of-focus man in the background, in his positioning, is mirroring our foreground chalk messenger.

In actuality, he was reaching down to pick up a fallen football.

As I saw the scene unfold, I shifted myself slightly to the left, in an attempt to “fill” the photographic frame by expanding the spacing between the two subjects.  This further enhanced the image by creating a more pleasing composition.

(In the past, I’ve discussed the importance of filling the photographic frame — see here, here, and here.)

The actual mirroring of his posture, though he was engaged in a completely different activity from our little chalk messenger, is the sort of happenstance occurrence that a photography geek like myself is thrilled to capture.

A second later, he stood.  The moment had passed.


Chalk messages for Santa, closer

Making a point.

Making an authoritative point, at the Santa Claus Parade, Toronto.

Making a Point (prelude to Santa)

The Runners (prelude to Santa).

More runners from the race before the Santa Claus Parade.

The Runners (Before the Santa Parade)

The Runner (prelude to Santa).

This race took place yesterday in Toronto, before the Santa Claus Parade.

He won by a large margin.

It was quite the day… many smiles and snowflakes.


The Runner (Before the Santa Parade)

Birthday Giggles… oh no!

Last year, she messed-up on blowing out the only candle on her cake, and then burst into an uncontrollable fit of laughter.

This year, there were 10 candles, so… no pressure :)

Here she is during one of her many attempts.

(The giggles…oh those giggles)

Her friends resumed eating.

It went on for a while.


Birthday Giggles… oh no!

Autumn, revisited (monochrome).

By special request, here is the B&W version of yesterday’s image.


Autumn, revisited (monochromatic)

The Butler Did It.

A play about a wealthy Socialite, an act of betrayal, a tenacious Detective, and of course… a (nervous) Butler.

A Childhood Production.


The Butler Did It


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