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Suspicious (the beautiful game).

Or, “The Eyebrow“.

The first step on to the field, in the first game of the soccer season, 2015.



Only Scars.

“The sun so bright it leaves no shadows, only scars…”

—U2, One Tree Hill.

Only Scars 1

Only Scars 2

Only Scars 3

And so it begins.

The haircut, revisited.

And overdue.


And so it begins (the haircut)


I say the silliest things to her…

On another note, the artificial and mixed back-lighting, and the reflections off the red walls, in this scene are very challenging.  Yet, with the proper pre-processing (a term I believe I coined) and post-processing, the technical issues are mostly overcome.

I know that there will be a few individuals who will insist that I should have used flash, but I vehemently disagree:  the spontaneity and ambiance would have been lost.

I’d feel differently if I was trying to produce a formal portrait — but I wasn’t.



Frames, revisited.

(for reference, please see what I’ve previously written)


Frames, revisited

(North) American Girls.

Title inspired by a certain girls’ doll.


(North) American Girls

I’m dreaming of a white dumpster…

(with apologies to Irvin Berlin)

This is the scene outside today.

Back in December, my wife placed two red bows (not pictured) on the front of this charming dumpster.


The Dumpster

Happy New Year.

Onward and upward for 2015…


Happy New Year

Christmas, Part 4.


Christmas, Part 4

Christmas, Part 3.


Christmas, Part 3


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