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Summer Solstice Soul Still.

“Life goes on and on
Like your favorite song
If we could find a way
If you would only stay
If we could hold on to this feeling
And this beautiful day”

—Brian Wilson, This Beautiful Day.

This portrait was created less than 48 hrs ago on the evening of June 21 — the Summer Solstice.

The longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere, but it also represents the end of spring.

As you can see, the light was fantastic.

The inexorable march to darkness,

and madness,




Summer Solstice Soul Still

ACG’s images of the recreation of the Battle of Waterloo (Belgium).

Aaron C. Greenman is a friend who has graced this site with his images in the past. He wrote to me today to share some of his latest photographs. They are worth checking out!


ACG writes:


Thought you might enjoy some images from the 200th anniversary recreation of the Battle of Waterloo here in Belgium this past weekend.

Some of these will appear on the Leica blog later this week.

Best Regards,

Aaron C Greenman

Baseball, painterly

A few observations:

  • The mesh-work of shadows breaking up the light creates the illusion of movement where there is stillness.
  • There are elements of a formal portrait here but this is clearly a candid moment.
  • I love capturing moments like this.


Baseball, painterly

Homage to HCB.

I was thinking of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s famous shot when I took this.

(his image is more interesting — for many reasons)

On a related note, I’ve gone back and edited all my soccer-related images and added the category The Beautiful Game to each one, so that I no longer have to type “The Beautiful Game” in the title or in the post.


The beautiful game - homage to HCB

The beautiful game – contemplative.

Reflections, revisited.

The beautiful game - contemplative

The Leica Q: Why didn’t Sony make it first?

Leica Q - Prosophos

Why didn’t Sony take the RX1/R and turn it into the Leica Q before Leica did?  Sony was so close the first time…

Sony is a behemoth with deep resources and Leica is a tiny company with relatively limited resources, yet Leica out-Sony-ied Sony.

I keep wondering: Why?

(Nikon and Canon haven’t shown an interest in this class of camera — yet.  So forget them, as they seem to be sleeping.)

Either way, I’m glad Leica pulled this off first because Sony would have messed up the haptics.

On a related note, every decade people are willing to write Leica off, but Leica manages to re-invent itself.  As I stated in point #20 of My Photography Truths:

Never bet against Leica.


The Wonder.

In the game.


The Wonder

Day 3 of Walking to Work.

I’m becoming Forrest Gump.


Prosophos Walk - Day 3

Regarding the Leica Q…

Leica Q - Prosophos

The new Leica Q generated these comments today from two very respected bloggers/photographers/reviewers:

“optical rangefinder… it was a good option back in the days before EVFs and AF, but honestly, I’ll take the EVF in the Q any day.”

—Ming Thein

“Colours from the Leica Q are very much in line with the Leica M240/MP240… It’s great to see Leica maintaining continuity within their product lineup…”

—Kristian Dowling

I must say I have to respectfully disagree with both gentlemen.  Though, in all fairness to Kristian, he backs away from the statement above, further along in his review:

“The Q has a tendency to render skin tones a little on the orange side, just like the M…I guess once Leica decided to go with the M’s colour signature, they thought it was best to stick with it, but I’d like to see this improved in future generations of M and Q cameras.”

—Kristian Dowling

There you have it.

As an aside, I do like the Q, though I’m planning on sticking with my M9P/Monochrom (for many reasons).



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