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Moment of Zen.

A suspended moment of (baseball) Zen, masquerading as just another foul ball.

Courtesy of the Boys of Summer.


Moment of Baseball Zen

Swing again.

Above the world.


Swing again

Chasing the low ball.

Part of the Boys of Summer series.


Chasing the low ball

The Rhapsody.

Part of the Boys of Summer series.


The Boys of Summer, Rhapsody

The moment before.

…the hit.

Part of the Boys of Summer series.


The moment before

Night Moves.

Title inspired by Bob Seger’s song.


Night Moves

Portrait in G minor.

A candid moment on the playing field.

From the symphony of life.

Yes, I did just write that.


Portrait in G minor


From last night’s Victoria Day festivities.



Restraint, people.

It’s our May holiday weekend here in Canada and I’ve had some time to relax.

I’ve spent part of the day looking at various fora, blogs, photo-sharing sites, etc. and have seen some genuinely nice images.

To my dismay however, I’ve also seen a lot of something else:  the over-processed-HDR look.

Apparently, tone-mapping is alive and well.

At this point, I feel compelled to link back to an article I wrote several years ago:

Over-processed, not.

Please read it, or pass it along to a friend who may need help.  Consider it an act of kindness.  Or tough love.

In the meantime, if you want to remind yourself of what a proper photograph should look like, have a look at some film images.

Here are a couple of sites I often visit because the photographers there are still shooting film (in addition to digital):

If Time Stood Still

Bijan Sabet

You won’t find anything flashy there, but you will find some very fine photographs.


A night’s “tail” (1 and 2).

The essence of Honey, told in two parts.


A night's "tail" 1 and 2


The M9 is like a box of chocolates.

Box of Chocolate - M9 - Prosophos

The M9 is slow, and its LCD has Atari-like resolution.

This makes for an extremely unpredictable shooting experience.

Or, to paraphrase Forrest Gump:

The M9 is like a box of chocolates — you never know what you’re gonna get… but it will be better than what you would have gotten with an M240.


Reminiscing, one day later.

Cozily reviewing the video from their school choir performances, one day later.

Technical:  f/4 | 1/90 sec | ISO 4000.


Reminiscing, one day later

The Stare.

Little man, big stare.


The Stare

The Solemn, and the Silly.

All part of The Beautiful Game.


The Solemn and the Silly

Rolling Stone.

Available now.


Rolling Stone

Boy of Summer, Sombre.

This marks one of the few times I’ve decided to use a flash.


Boy of Sombre, Summer


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