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My “Open Letter to Leica” … 325 signatures, so far.

I’d to like see an updated CCD sensor in future Leica M because I believe CCD is superior to CMOS with respect to image rendition at base ISO.

Do you agree?

Please consider signing my Open Letter to Leica.


(Edit: 339 signatures so far… )

Prosophos Open Letter to Leica


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The Runners (prelude to Santa).

More runners from the race before the Santa Claus Parade.

The Runners (Before the Santa Parade)

Interviewed by Andy Gemmell.

I was honoured to be interviewed by Andrew Gemmell.

The interview is here.

Thanks Andrew!



The Runner (prelude to Santa).

This race took place yesterday in Toronto, before the Santa Claus Parade.

He won by a large margin.

It was quite the day… many smiles and snowflakes.


The Runner (Before the Santa Parade)

Birthday Giggles… oh no!

Last year, she messed-up on blowing out the only candle on her cake, and then burst into an uncontrollable fit of laughter.

This year, there were 10 candles, so… no pressure :)

Here she is during one of her many attempts.

(The giggles…oh those giggles)

Her friends resumed eating.

It went on for a while.


Birthday Giggles… oh no!


It started snowing here last week.  It’ll be a long time before we get back to this…


The Journey (September 14, 2008).

“Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.”

—Hans Christian Andersen.

The Journey

Congratulations Mark!

Some well-deserved recognition for a friend of this site, and my friend-in-real-life, Mark for receiving the Mark of Excellence in the “I Shot It” Child Photo Competition for his hauntingly beautiful photograph Cross-Country.

Congratulations Mark!


Congratulations Mark

Hockey Girl, in action.

This was photographed through the arena glass and under poor lighting, using the Leica M9/M-E and 75mm Summarit (see my review here).  Not exactly “sports gear” but good enough to get this shot of my daughter.

Technical considerations:

  • f/2.5 | 1/350 sec | ISO 1250
  • The DNG file was “pushed” two stops in LR for an “effective” ISO of 5000.
  • White balance was manually set during post-processing.


Hockey Girl

Autumn, revisited (monochrome).

By special request, here is the B&W version of yesterday’s image.


Autumn, revisited (monochromatic)

Looking for my Open Letter to Leica?

PhotographsbyPeter - Dear Leica

Help bring back an updated CCD sensor to a future Leica M camera!

My Open Letter to Leica is here.

(over 300 photographers have signed it, so far…)



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