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Longing Look.

Echo, echo.

As an aside, this represents the 5th “test shot” taken with my new-old M3.  As you can tell, most of the test shots were made under awful incandescent lighting (after all, I was only interested in confirming focus accuracy).

Still, there’s something about film and the way it renders even poorly lit scenes.


Longing Look

Sunshine Bear and C.

And the Infinite Hug.


Sunshine Bear and C

C’s Comics (Bedtime Imprints).


The frame-by-frame play-by-play of life.

Her imprints left on the table, and in my mind.

And imprints #22 and # 23 on a roll of film — click, click.

And the click of a light switch.



C's Comics (Bedtime Imiprints) 1

C's Comics (Bedtime Imprints) 2


And so it begins.

The haircut, revisited.

And overdue.


And so it begins (the haircut)

The fellas.

At the Lip Sync 2015 show.


The fellas


Copacabana (At the Copa).

Last night, at the school Lip Sync 2015 show.

Copacabana (At the Copa)

Prosophos Home-Made Pizza Dough.

My promise to you — as part of your free membership to this site — is that I’ll continue to work hard to stretch your zero dollars.

So from now on, I will not only be doing my best to answer your questions, but I’ll also be sharing my famous home-made pizza dough with you, the viewer, via iPhone images.

That’s right, images of my very own home-made pizza dough shared with you — online.

While other Canadian photo-bloggers claim to provide you with value for your hard-earned zero dollars, I’m the only Canadian photo-blogger sharing authentic home-made pizza dough with you.

And what is better than home made pizza (dough)?

“Pizza dough for zero dough.”

That’s my promise.


Prosophos Pizza



I say the silliest things to her…

On another note, the artificial and mixed back-lighting, and the reflections off the red walls, in this scene are very challenging.  Yet, with the proper pre-processing (a term I believe I coined) and post-processing, the technical issues are mostly overcome.

I know that there will be a few individuals who will insist that I should have used flash, but I vehemently disagree:  the spontaneity and ambiance would have been lost.

I’d feel differently if I was trying to produce a formal portrait — but I wasn’t.



The Neptune Duo smart watch.

Neptune Duo

Warning:  This has nothing to do with photography, but I love good ideas.

The nascent smart watch industry has just been turned upside down by a 20 year old from Montreal.  In Simon Tian‘s world, the watch is the central hub, and the “pocket screen” is just a blank interface.

I don’t know how well his smart watch will work, but I believe he has conceptually bested the likes of Google and Apple.

Check out the Neptune Duo.


Am I wrong to want this?

I’ve been wanting to use this lens for a while.

I’m still resisting it.

Ouch, it hurts.


Leica 50mm APO-Summicron

Frames, revisited.

(for reference, please see what I’ve previously written)


Frames, revisited


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