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An example of Life’s Little Moments.



Looking for a Konica Hexanon 60mm f/1.2?



This lens is rarely offered for sale, as only 800 copies were ever made and current owners tend to hold on to them.

However, Bellamy of Japan Camera Hunter fame has one available in mint conditionBellamy has a great reputation for his service and he excels at finding hard-to-find gear, so if you’re interested do not hesitate to contact him.  However, I should warn you the price of this lens is… well….

My review of the Konica Hexanon 60/1.2, Special Edition was written three years ago, and I still have people writing and asking me why I sold it.  At the time I purchased it, I “over-payed” for it, then sold it for a loss, and now it’s worth 4 – 5 times that price!

Ironically, I believe my review helped drive up the cost of this lens, but now I can’t afford to get another one…

Anybody want to crowd-fund a purchase?



Leica 75mm Summarit f/2.5 [Updated].

Leica Summarit 75mm.


I’ve updated my review of the Leica 75mm Summairt f/2.5 lens.

More images from recent posts were added, and the content was edited.


—Peter | Prosophos.

Leader of the Pack.

The beautiful game, revisited.

Leader of the Pack


Happy is the natural state of her being.


Leica M(240) Akademie Workshop In Toronto!

Leica M Akademie Toronto


Leica is coming to my town on July 19th (that’s less than 5 days away)!

From Leica‘s own promotional email:

“This full day, hands-on workshops are designed to help owners of the latest Leica M model get outstanding results from their game changing, digital rangefinder.”

(The grammatical error above is courtesy Leica.)

Unlike the Leica Akademie workshop of 2012, I won’t be the guest speaker, as I haven’t figured out how to “get outstanding results from their game changing, digital [M240] rangefinder”.

On a related note…

If you haven’t already done so, please consider signing my Open Letter to Leica.

(over 250 signatures so far… )

Prosophos Open Letter to Leica


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The Beautiful Game – Shift Change.

Mirroring, parallelism, and synchronicity.

And, beautiful light.


The Beautiful Game - The Shift Change


The sun so bright it leaves no shadows
Only scars

-U2, One Tree Hill



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