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Hockey Girl, in action.

This was photographed through the arena glass and under poor lighting, using the Leica M9/M-E and 75mm Summarit (see my review here).  Not exactly “sports gear” but good enough to get this shot of my daughter.

Technical considerations:

  • f/2.5 | 1/350 sec | ISO 1250
  • The DNG file was “pushed” two stops in LR for an “effective” ISO of 5000.
  • White balance was manually set during post-processing.


Hockey Girl

Autumn, revisited (monochrome).

By special request, here is the B&W version of yesterday’s image.


Autumn, revisited (monochromatic)

Looking for my Open Letter to Leica?

PhotographsbyPeter - Dear Leica

Help bring back an updated CCD sensor to a future Leica M camera!

My Open Letter to Leica is here.

(over 300 photographers have signed it, so far…)


AcuityColorGrain, a documentary film.

I am pleased to announce that the work of fellow photographer (and friend of this site) Aaron C. Greenman, will be featured in a documentary film.  The film is scheduled to be released by the end of 2015.

The trailer can be found here.

Congratulations Aaron!




PhotographsbyPeter | Prosophos Featured Photographer: Aaron C. Greenman.


How many summers do you have left?

10? 20? 30? 40? 50?… 1?

And would you change anything if you knew the answer?

I would.

The obvious question is:

Why am I not doing that already?


Time Left


As the winter approaches and the light recedes, I may not have the aurora borealis in my backyard, but I’m grateful to have the sparkle of family life inside.



The Butler Did It.

A play about a wealthy Socialite, an act of betrayal, a tenacious Detective, and of course… a (nervous) Butler.

A Childhood Production.


The Butler Did It

Hair Dryer.

I always have a difficult time capturing her, when she’s aware of the camera.

This time, I was able to photograph surreptitiously, with the help of the Ice Light (on the table).


Hair Dryer

Luiz Paulo published in LFI!

Luiz Paulo LFI 2014

Long time friend and contributing photographer to this site, Luiz Paulo, has been published in the latest addition of LFI.

Congratulations Luiz!



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