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Thank you Setadel Studios!

Setadel Studios

I want to express a sincere thank you to Alex of Setadel Studios.

Alex went out of his way this week to find me a Leica lens I never thought I would own again, and I must say I am very pleased.

By the way, while visiting his shop, I handled a black single stroke M3 (serial number over 1 million — it was originally chrome but was professionally restored and painted black) that is simply gorgeous!  It’s rated as 9+/10 and I can vouch for the accuracy of the description.  I wish I could buy it…



My friend Joeri had some nice things to say about me in a recent article, but you should check out his website for the images.

Thanks Joeri!


Birthday Girl.

I’m about two months late in posting this.

Birthday Girl

Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 Distagon T* ZM.

Zeiss 35mm f_1.4 ZM

It comes in black and silver, of course.

A very intriguing lens.

If the Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 Distagon T* ZM truly surpasses the performance of the Leica 35mm Summilux FLE, it will be impressive.  Even if the published Zeiss MTF graphs are misleading and this lens “only” comes close to the FLE, it will still be impressive, given it’s 50% the price of the Leica equivalent.

However, it’s larger than the FLE (but has less distortion).

Looking at the few sample images on the ‘net, it renders very similarly to my 50 Summilux ASPH and the Zeiss 21mm f/2.8 ZM (two lenses I love), at least with respect to the way it draws the (in-focus) subject.  Bokeh is not the same.

Did I mention I’m intrigued?

[EDIT October 13, 2014:  I re-purchased a Leica 35 Summilux FLE as I am pleased with its performance and small size.]




The weight of the darkness.

Remembering 7 years ago today.

The weight of the darkness

End of Summer.

Time for the darkness to return.

End of Summer

School Spirit Day.

Green and yellow.

School Spirit Day

A night on the town, Part 2.

The reddish skin rendering may make you believe this was shot with a Leica M240, but she was in fact sitting in front of a large illuminated red sign.

So now I know how to achieve the M240 look, with respect to skin tones anyway.

However, I don’t know how to produce the muddy rendering of the CMOS-crippled Leica M240, as all I can get out of my Leica M9/M-E are those lovely CCD crisp files with superior tonality and colour reproduction, at base ISO.

For those of you who haven’t already done so, perhaps you may be interested in signing My Open Letter to Leica.

(over 280 signatures so far…)


A night on the town, Part 2


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