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The M240 hurt Leica.

The news today that Leica has reduced its lens prices by 12% should come as no surprise.  Leica has been quietly discounting new lenses and cameras and selling them as “demos” for many months, and those same lenses and cameras have been languishing on dealers’ shelves for at least as long.

Why has Leica, who had trouble meeting demand for its products several years ago, experienced this reversal of fortune? 

Simply put, the M240 did not ignite the passion of photographers (or at least camera purchasers) and it didn’t become the blockbuster Leica had hoped.  And since camera sales drive lens sales, the lenses are now – figuratively and literally – collecting dust.

People who follow this blog know of my passion for the M9 and of my distaste for the M240 (see my Open Letter to Leica).  The reasons for this have been well documented, so I won’t rehash them here.

Even if you put my personal bias aside, the M240 was made obsolete by other CMOS-based cameras (I’m thinking specifically about Sony’s cameras) the moment it hit the streets.  The M9 at least offered something different, while remaining true to the Leica ethos.

Whatever Leica does with the next M, I would humbly suggest that they focus on the following:

  1. superior image quality
  2. reliability
  3. a less-is-more interface
  4. rangefinder accuracy and precision
  5. weight and size reduction.

Until then, I’m holding on to my M9P and M9 Monochrom*.


*Incidentally, my good friend Alex here in Toronto (who sells more Leica gear than anyone else in Canada) tells me that he has trouble selling new or used M240s, while used M9s fly off his shelves, despite the very well known sensor corrosion issue.

Boy of Summer (contemplating).

An interlude between innings.

Twilight intermingles with the twinkle in his eye.


Boy of Summer (contemplating)

Boy of Summer (First Hit Ever).

This was photographed tonight.

It’s his first game…

2nd time at bat, and…

very first hit…



Boy of Summer (First Hit Ever)

Technical:  Shot through a chain-link fence @ f/1.4 with focus on his near eye.  ISO 640.  1/3000.


Suspicious (the beautiful game).

Or, “The Eyebrow“.

The first step on to the field, in the first game of the soccer season, 2015.



Guest Post: Joe Tori and “The Psychic Bees”

I am pleased to share a first-time Guest Post by Joe Tori.

Joe, I love the emotion, composition, and lighting.

…and the B&W tones are visually mellifluous!


Joe Tori writes:

“Detroit has a vibrant and collegial music scene; lots of ensembles spanning all genres. “The Psychic Bees” are just one – and one of the newest — bands making up this energetic landscape. And, of course, I would not miss a performance, since my daughter is one of its members. Previously, she was a founding member of an all-girl, alternative punk band that met with some success, recording and performing original music at a number of well-regarded venues around town. Alas, however, logistics and educational demands forced the demise of “Smudge Candy” and Anna immersed herself in university studies and rock music instruction. Recently, she accepted a career-enhancing job opportunity and her music writing/performing passion was reignited. “The Psychic Bees”, made up of some very capable and genuinely nice musicians wrote new music and debuted it at The Diesel Lounge.

In photographing these events I strive for – but don’t always achieve – the goal of capturing the spirit of the performance. Lighting conditions are often challenging. And, it can be difficult to seize an instant in which all performers are out in the open and in the moment. This image stood out for me as one such instance. Anna was immersed and Adam was absorbed. I’m pleased to have caught this moment.

(The photo was made using the Sony RX1R. The RAW image received only minor adjustment in Photoshop CC).”

Psychic Bees - JTori

Nick Devlin’s “Cuba No Colour – With the Leica Monochrom”.

Nick Devlin - Cuba No Colour

My friend Nick Devlin has written an article for Luminous Landscape called Cuba No Colour – With the Leica Monochrom.  It is well worth checking out for the commentary and the images, which were created with the Monochrom (M9).


Leica officially killed off CCD yesterday.

Leica officially killed off CCD, with the introduction of the Leica Monochrom (Type 246) yesterday.

Unfortunately, this was entirely expected.

Consequently, we have lost something special.  The 90% of photographers who cannot tell the difference between M9 vs. M240 files, but who value the me-too features of CaNikoSony will no doubt be rejoicing right about now.

For the rest of us:  CCD is dead – long live CCD!


The Boys of Summer, Part 5.

The moment before the moment.

The Boys of Summer, Part 5

The Boys of Summer, Part 4.

Quiet, tense moment.

The Boys of Summer, Part 4

The Boys of Summer, Part 2.

Connecting (eyes wide shut).


The Boys of Summer, Part 2

The Boys of Summer.

Baseball and the Boys of Summer.

The Boys of Summer

Only Scars.

“The sun so bright it leaves no shadows, only scars…”

—U2, One Tree Hill.

Only Scars 1

Only Scars 2

Only Scars 3

Guest Post: Aaron C. Greenman.

Aaron C. Greenman has previously contributed to this site and has even been a Featured Photographer.  Normally, his work is informed by his previous experiences in newspaper journalism, and his interest in graphic arts.  This time, however, Aaron wanted to contribute something a little different.  I’ll let him tell you, in his own words.


Aaron C. Greenman writes:

“I rarely if ever post photos of members of my family, but this is a photo of my daughter, who was performing in a high school theatre production of Michel de Ghelderode’s “Le Sommeil de la Raison,” written in the early 20th century, between the two world wars. It is a surrealist play about a man who hallucinates in a dream that he meets the seven deadly sins, and death itself, and the play is a comment on man’s hopeless actions toward itself.

My daughter played the main female character – Lust – and As a service to the theatre troupe, I made some photos of one of the final dress rehearsals. She has been preparing the role for almost nine months, and no one in our family had ever heard even one word of text around the house.

During my sneak peek of the play, it was as if watching my teenager transformed. In this one moment, in which Lust wrestles with death, her eye caught the camera (and her father), and with a single, momentary glance, surrounded by a frenzy of color, light and shadow, I felt like she was announcing her power, self-reliance, individuality and arrival as an adult to her father.”

Guest Post ACG

The big, bad, wolf.

A rare video recording from 5 years ago, when the kids were… wolves and piggies.


Baseball Team Tryouts (Scenes 1 – 4).

On a beautiful and sunny spring afternoon.  Today.

Baseball Team Tryout 1

Baseball Team Tryout 2

Baseball Team Tryout 3

Baseball Team Tryout 4


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