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Leica M(240) Akademie Workshop In Toronto!

Leica M Akademie Toronto


Leica is coming to my town on July 19th (that’s less than 5 days away)!

From Leica‘s own promotional email:

“This full day, hands-on workshops are designed to help owners of the latest Leica M model get outstanding results from their game changing, digital rangefinder.”

(The grammatical error above is courtesy Leica.)

Unlike the Leica Akademie workshop of 2012, I won’t be the guest speaker, as I haven’t figured out how to “get outstanding results from their game changing, digital [M240] rangefinder”.

On a related note…

If you haven’t already done so, please consider signing my Open Letter to Leica.

(over 250 signatures so far… )

Prosophos Open Letter to Leica


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The Beautiful Game – Shift Change.

Mirroring, parallelism, and synchronicity.

And, beautiful light.


The Beautiful Game - The Shift Change


The sun so bright it leaves no shadows
Only scars

-U2, One Tree Hill


Sigma DP2 Quattro.

Sigma Quattro

↑Image courtesy of Sigma Corporation.

It may be because the Sigma Photo Pro (SPP) converter hasn’t yet been optimised, but the initial RAW/JPG images I’m seeing from the new Sigma DP2 Quattro are somewhat disappointing.

The images are suggesting that image quality has suffered (as compared to the Sigma Merrill) with the re-design of the fabled Foveon sensor.  I hope they haven’t indeed messed things up.

This is reminiscent of the whole Leica M240 vs. M9 business.



Tennis, revisited.


The Leica 75mm Summarit – back again.

Leica Summarit 75mm.

A few days ago, I hinted that a second lens would soon be joining my newly-acquired Leica M-E, and it arrived today.

Yes, the Leica 75mm Summarit is back (and it joins my 35mm Summarit for a 35/75 set-up).

My detailed report on the Leica 75mm Summarit is here.



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