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The Butler Did It.

A play about a wealthy Socialite, an act of betrayal, a tenacious Detective, and of course… a (nervous) Butler.

A Childhood Production.


The Butler Did It

Hair Dryer.

I always have a difficult time capturing her, when she’s aware of the camera.

This time, I was able to photograph surreptitiously, with the help of the Ice Light (on the table).


Hair Dryer

My Open Letter to Leica: One Year Later.

PhotographsbyPeter - Dear Leica

A year ago, I wrote My Open Letter to Leica.

This followed my initial predictions on September 15, 2012 (prior the release of the Leica M240).

As the years have passed, more of you have realized what I said was true:  CCD rendering is superior to CMOS at base ISO.

So far, over 290 of you have signed my letter.

Please share my letter with other photographers who haven’t yet seen it.

Let’s hope that Leica listens and, in the interim, that our M8, M9, M-E, and Monochrom cameras last…


Luiz Paulo published in LFI!

Luiz Paulo LFI 2014

Long time friend and contributing photographer to this site, Luiz Paulo, has been published in the latest addition of LFI.

Congratulations Luiz!


The Beautiful Game in motion.

The Mamiya RZ67 is a large camera.

But it’s fairly nimble at field level.


The Beautiful Game in Motion

Scared of the dark.

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”


Scared of the dark

Recent insight: M8 vs. M9 for B&W, and the negative “Efex” of Silver Efex Pro.

Conventional internet wisdom states that the Leica M8 is a better camera than the M9 for B&W file conversion — True or False?

The answer:  True… but barely.

My old B&W conversions with the M8 were more pleasing than the ones I subsequently obtained with my M9/M-E, but now I realize that the less pleasing M9/M-E conversions were mostly secondary to my use of Silver Efex Pro.  Lately I’ve been doing straight de-saturation of my M9/M-E files, and they look more natural and almost as good as my M8 files.  The M8 still wins because of its greater IR sensitivity — this allows for slightly better B&W output.

For all practical purposes, however, the M8 and M9 sensors behave almost identically (for both B&W and colour).  This shouldn’t be too surprising, given how the sensor in the latter evolved from the former.

Which makes me want to re-state something I’ve been saying for years:  the M8 was the most under-appreciated and underestimated digital camera ever.

If there’s anyone from the original Kodak KAF-10500 (APS-H 10.3-megapixel) CCD sensor development team reading this, I sincerely thank you for your fine work.


[Upcoming Insight:  Film vs. Digital].

Everybody has a story.

“We are afraid of losing what we have, whether it’s our life, or possessions and property. But this fear evaporates when we understand that our life stories and the history of the world were written by the same hand.”

― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist.

Everybody has a story

Birthday Honey.

3 years old today.

Birthday Honey

The Doctor.

… is in the house.

The Doctor

Yonge & Married.

On the corner of Yonge & Dundas St., Toronto.


Yonge and Married


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