Why I photograph wide open (Life as a dream).


↑Leica M9 and Leica 50mm Summilux @ f/1.4.


“Wide open shooting for me

is a sort of visual short-hand

to communicate life as a dream.”


For anyone familiar with my photographic work, it’s evident that I have a preference for shooting at wide open apertures.

There are plenty of reasons why I do this, but the main one is this:  the visual imprint of wide open shooting is one where some things are readily perceived, while others are only hinted at… which is an accurate representation of how we perceive the world.  And every single (fleeting) moment of life.


3 thoughts on “Why I photograph wide open (Life as a dream).

  1. GOAT 山羊 says:

    Enjoyed this, Peter: succinct and informative.

  2. [...] The dramatic halo effect in this image is courtesy of the optical “flaw” known as lens flare — something I’ve harnessed in the past to convey my view of life as a dream. [...]

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